Design is more than how it looks

Design is any idea that is transferred into a plan to accomplish the creation of an object or the birth of a
system. Anything we see on earth was made according to the design of the creator. Material objects are
made from the ideas of a person. They were created to help make life easier for the humans. Systems
are also developed based on what the users needed. In short, designs are invented because of the needs
of the users. As a solution, they provide the answers to the problems at hand.

People need design for almost everything. It is an important factor in life that we need to consider
understanding. Most of us know it as the color and shape of an object. However, it’s far more than what
our eyes can meet. It’s not about how flashy or luxurious an object looks; it’s how it works to make our
daily lives better.

Although it’s true that designs provide aesthetic to an object or system, it shouldn’t be our main focus as
a whole. Aesthetic diminishes the true importance of design if we focus on the outward appearance of
an object. While style is easily recognized by our eyes and taste for what’s beautiful, design is actually
used to make an object fit to its purpose. Overall design is what’s important. We can always argue about
the beauty of an object or system. However, we can never ignore its importance in our lives. More often
than not, beauty fades as time goes by. However, its use or purpose will still serve us for a longer period
of time. If design is always based on the outward appearance, how can we value a design once its
beauty fades?

Design and Our Daily Lives

One of the best examples of the effects of design on our daily lives is our car. Automobiles were
designed to transport people from one place to another. Although they were also designed to look
beautiful, they were originally created as a form of transportation. Cars portray the importance of
design in our daily lives. It provides us with a machine that can travel people with comfort and style.

Shoes were also designed to fit perfectly on our feet. They were also made to provide cushion while
walking, running, or even when standing. Its aesthetic provision is only an additional feature to the
original purpose of our shoes. However, most people understand design as the color, shape, and looks
of a pair of shoes. As a result, most of us pay less importance to the “design” of the said item.

Although we run through various designs with objects, foods are also designed to make our daily lives a
lot easier. Ever wondered why we cook food in the first place? The system of cooking was designed to

kill the harmful bacteria found on meat and other food sources. While some food can be eaten raw,
cooking has been practiced as a form of hygienic living. However, we do not see design on cooking as
our common understanding for design is something the eyes can see.

Generally, design seems to be on almost everything we do on a daily basis. Most of us do not appreciate
design when we don’t see it though. Design is any idea that allows people to do something better or
great with their hands and mind.

How Design Affects Our Lives

According to research, most of the lives of the teens nowadays are affected by the various gadgets
released on the market. Actually, we don’t need some research to tell us that our kids can no longer go
to school without their gadgets. In fact, it’s one of the common problems with most families nowadays.
Parents get angry with their teens because they spend more time on their gadgets than on their studies.
Years ago, kids were bringing books to school so that they studied about their subjects. Today, an iPad
can help you do research from anything to everything you want to know. All you need to do is click a few
buttons with your mouse and keyboard. After that, results about your query will pop out in front of you.

Gadgets are designed to make our lives convenient. All of our needs are installed on a single gadget so
that we won’t have to carry various objects in our bags. Before, you must have a watch in order to tell
the time. Today, you can tell the time even if you don’t have a watch as long as you have a cellular
phone. Cell phones have a built in watch that allows people to know the exact time of the day. This
feature makes mobile phones indispensable as a gadget used on a daily basis.

Design is actually more than appearance despite our common belief about it. If you look closely, design
normally enhances the lives of people in various ways. One of the best ways it affects our lives is by
changing it. By change, it means that life becomes easier for the people. Design allows us to do our jobs
a lot faster and easier. It also helps us save serious money because of their efficiency. As mentioned
above, it is more than what our eyes can see. It’s actually what we get from an object or system that
makes a design brilliant.

Every person’s lives are affected by the various designs of objects and systems. If you think that your life
isn’t going as you’ve expected, perhaps there are some things that aren’t designed according to your

plans. After all, some plans don’t really go along as expected. However, you should always consider
design as an important part of your life.

Status Symbol

Lastly, design can also be considered as a social status. As mentioned above, most people regard design
as something we see and appreciate with our vision. More often than not, a good design always
provides an aesthetic view. People who enjoy brilliant designs also relish a good status symbol in the
society. In fact, even kids with a good cellular phone design can brag about it among his friends.

A good design of almost anything is a ticket to make you a celebrity of what you are doing or what you
have. Ever wondered why actors and actresses are celebrities in the first place? It’s because they were
designed for acting. The same thing is true with race cars and everything. If you were designed for a
purpose, then you’ll definitely deliver. There’s only a little chance that you won’t perform your duties or
responsibilities. Once you’ve executed them, you’ll be valued as someone or something valuable.

Overall, design is important in the lives of every individual person. If you are living without design, it
means you have no ideas. It would never allow us to move forward to civilization in the first place. As
mentioned earlier, design is anything that is born out of the brilliant minds of the designer. Eventually,
the concept will be put into reality. Design is a recipe to a successful life no matter where you look at it.
We need it not only to make our lives a lot easier, but also to live a good life to the fullest.

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